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The mining and exploration business is one of the most exciting industries in the world. Searching for minerals, identifying deposits and, in time, extracting metals have formed a strong attraction on human beings throughout civilisations and centuries.  Today, the development of procesess, mining and extraction methods has made it possible to extract metals with profitability in circumstances where it was previosuly impossible. Meanwhile, technological advances in exploration have resulted in the discovery of new deposits and being able to map them out with greater precision.  

These are some of the  reasons why we have now been abe to start gold production at the Laiva mine in Finland, one of the biggest gold deposits in Finland. But the most important reason is that we have had competent, ambitious, curious, dedicated and passionate employees. If you recognize yourself in that description, you will fit in with us. We offer many types of jobs related to the mining business. From new career possibilities and job opportunites to the development of infrastructure and whole societies. From space technology to nano technology and I-phones. From signalling power and money to a symbol of love. From being the foundation of the world monetary system to making the internet work.

Gold does much more than only glitter. The mythological metal has made many heart beat faster - for many different reasons. But despite its unique properties, gold is a dead materia until human beings discovers, mines, extracts and uses it. Therefore the history is of gold is closely linked to the history of civilisation.

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