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Nordic Mines' executive management consists of the following persons:


 Ludmilla Lundberg, CFO

Born 1955, Ludmilla Lundberg has more than 20 years of experience of working with compliance and IFRS reporting as Financial Controller and Chief Economist in large Swedish Groups & Publicly listed companies as ABB, Skanska, Vattenfall, SEB Asset Management & Visma. Ludmilla Lundberg has also been an acting CFO via Visma Services AB for Copperstone Resources AB listed at Nasdaq OMX First North.  Lau Su’s focus will be to drive board focus on Governance and Ludmilla’s experience in Accounting/Reporting functions with top Swedish Groups will go a long way in helping Nordic Mines achieve this. Sweden Resident, Ludmilla Lundberg is dependant in relation to the Company and management and independent in relation to Major Shareholders in the Company.

Mr. Peter Finnäs, (born 1962) Acting General manager the Laiva mine since November 2015, Explorations Manager since January 2006.
Mr. Finnäs has many years’ of experience of the mining business and holds a degree of Bachelor of Science in geology and mineralogy. He has previously worked as exploration geologist for Endomines Oy and Kalvinit Oy as well as both mining and exploration geologist for Terra Mining AB. Mr. Finnäs lives in Finland and he owns shares in the company.
Mr. Peter Kuiper, (born 1961) Development Manager since January 2006.
Mr. Kuiper has many years’ of experience of managing and assisting boards in the mining business. He holds a degree of Bachelor of Science in geology and is appointed qualified person by SweMin. He has previously held positions as a board members of TerraMining and Scanor Mining AS. He has also been head of exploration of TerraMining as well as chief technical officer and head of development of ScaMining. Mr. Kuiper owns shares in the company.



Mr. Ola Wahlquist , Senior Advisor

Mr. Wahlquist ex Audit Partner ,Year 2015, Ernst & Young as a Sr. Advisor.  Mr Wahlquist is a subject matter expert in Risk Management, Compliance and Audit related issues, having more than 30 years of experience through being associated with many large and mid sized public listed companies in the Nordic Markets some of them including mining related assets.