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Nordic Mines strives to become a role model in environmental friendly mining. This means that there must be a constant focus on the environment in all aspects of the operations, regardless if the object is respectingt the local community, planning the mining, extracting or depositing waste products.  

Mining inevitably affects the environment close the mine. Nordic Mines' object is to minimise the impact on the environment and also to create good relations with neighbours, land owners and the local community. The environmental work also includes making all employees aware of how they can perform their tasks in the most environmental friendly possible. A consequence of the environmental perspective of the company is to keep the energy consumption as low as possible - and that the energy used should be environmental friendly produced.

The environmental perspective is also present in exploration, which can leave traces in the surroundings. One example of this is the development of the drilling rig ”Borrugglan”, which has been developed together with Atlas Copco and Snorre Maskin in order to minimise druving damages linked to exploration. This also offers better working conditions, compared to conventional drilling rigs.