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Core- and RC-drilling

When a mineral deposit has been identified, a programme of core drilling is launched in order to determine how much of the mineral is present and what form the deposit takes. In this final stage of the exploration work, Nordic Mines uses core and RC drilling. Core drilling entails a cylindrical drill core being cut out of the rock using a drill bit encrusted with small diamonds.

The drill cores are placed in boxes and transported to an archive for logging and sampling. Core drilling  is an expensive, yet reliable method. A drill hole costs around SEK 1,000 per metre.


A slightly cheaper method that Nordic Mines also employs is RC drilling. RC stands for Reverse Circulation, and entails rock fragments – drill cuttings – being blown upwards using compressed air in such a way that no contamination or mixing up of the samples can take

place. The drill cuttings are charted and sampled for chemical analysis.